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Aronia, fruits (100 gr)

35 грн.

It is recommended for stage I-II hypertension, atherosclerosis, hemorrhagic diathesis, thyrotoxicosis, capillarotoxicosis, bleeding of various origins, as a multivitamin agent, for diabetes mellitus, radiation, glomerulonephritis, disorders resulting from the use of coagulants, allergies. Juice helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Since the chokeberry berries are rich in iodine, they are recommended for radiation sickness and thyroid diseases (in the treatment of bazedovy disease and thyrotoxicosis). Chokeberry helps lower blood cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve their elasticity and firmness. When using chokeberry chokeberry, the functioning of the endocrine system is stabilized, and immunity is improved.

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