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Birch leaf (1 kg)

120 грн.

Properties: perhaps the very first use of birch leaves is in cosmetology, and not in medicine. Birch leaves can relieve inflammation, help you cleanse your skin of acne and boils. In modern cosmetology, a decoction of birch leaves is used in several lines of shampoos for oily skin, and is designed to provide protection against rapid hair contamination. A decoction of birch leaves regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, and helps to “tighten” the pores. It gives the hair shine, the oily film disappears. He is able to correct sweating feet. Baths with a decoction of birch leaf are often used in the summer to solve this problem. In addition, axillary hollows are rubbed with lotion to reduce the smell of sweat. Typically, a birch decoction is used “paired” with some natural deodorant. A decoction of birch leaves and gruel from the leaves is used in the treatment of comedones, blackheads, and acne. They wipe the face with broth like lotion at night, and do not apply any more cosmetics. Masks are made from leaf gruel (usually 200 g of young leaves are ground into gruel, add a tablespoon of starch and egg white). Birch leaves contain natural antiseptics and antispasmodics. They have a diuretic effect, therefore they are often used in collections for relieving edema along with orthosiphon. Birch leaves can not only "drain the water", but also treat the urinary ducts, killing the pathogenic flora that appears there due to some diseases. Birch leaves are included in folk remedies and against cystitis too.

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