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Immortelle, flowers (100 gr)

45 грн.

It has a pronounced choleretic effect. Immortelle is highly regarded in herbal medicine. Its flowers are part of choleretic and other teas, including those that are used to treat diseases of the bladder, as a diuretic, not irritating to the kidneys, with gastritis, and also as a hemostatic. Helichrysum baskets have a phytoncidal effect, as they contain the antibiotic arenarin, which is detrimental to bacteria. Therefore, a decoction of immortelle flowers is used by the people as a disinfectant. Alternative medicine advises immortelle with jaundice, dropsy, liver cirrhosis, cholelithiasis and kidney stones, colds, skin diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, postpartum hemorrhages, female diseases, rheumatism and, moreover, as an anthelmintic. Helichrysum flowers contain essential oils, vitamins C and K, carotene, bitter, tannins and dyes, as well as trace elements, iron, copper, aluminum, chromium, manganese. Its choleretic effect is provided by stearin compounds contained in the Helichrysum, they disinfect the bile ducts and urinary tract, and also regulates the functional activity of the stomach. Inside take immortelle in the form of infusions, decoctions, extract.

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