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Greater celandine, root (1 kg)

170 грн.

Celandine at the moment has gained great popularity and is a powerful tool in the treatment of many diseases. It includes, among other therapeutic components, about 20 toxic substances that are detrimental to many pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. It is important, when using celandine, not to overdo the dosage, because this can lead to various side effects. Celandine is taken orally for bronchial asthma, gastritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, pertussis, allergies, angina pectoris, inflammation of the colon, stomach and duodenal ulcers, polyps in the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, gastric cancer, ulcerative colitis, like choleretic with diseases of the liver, bile ducts and gall bladder, with gallstone disease, hepatitis, goiter, rheumatic joint pain.

Contraindications Overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, paralysis. Long-term use of celandine, without interruption, can lead to degeneration of the mucous membrane of internal organs, intestinal dysbiosis. Celandine preparations are contraindicated for people suffering from epilepsy, with bronchial asthma, angina pectoris, neurological diseases, pregnant women, and with individual intolerance.

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