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Elecampane, root (1 kg)

180 грн. 160 грн.

Properties: useful properties of elecampane are in the substances located in its root and rhizome. Among them, various resins, wax, from one to three percent of the essential oil in the form of crystals, vitamin E, saponins, up to forty-four percent of inulin polysaccharide, as well as mucus. The broth obtained from the rhizomes and roots of the plant is prescribed for inflammatory processes of the intestines or stomach, for strengthening with coughs and bronchitis with thick secretions, as well as in case of liver and kidney disease, has anthelmintic and diuretic properties, and relieves inflammation. The decoction of elecampane is indispensable for diseases of the skin. For treatment and prevention, a strong broth is used, which is added when taking baths. The broth reduces the amount of mucus secreted from the respiratory tract and contributes to the elimination of colds. By regulating intestinal motility, it helps digestion and stimulates appetite, normalizes metabolism, reduces catarrhal phenomena and helps to tolerate coughing, which is indispensable for tuberculosis. The decoction obtained from the rhizomes and roots of the plant helps with diseases of both the stomach and intestines - such as ulcers, gastritis, non-infectious diarrhea and colitis. Elecampane enhances uterine contraction, so it is used for small discharge during menstruation (or with a delay). It relieves inflammation in the throat and mouth, you just need to use it to rinse. It is used to cleanse non-wetting wounds from contamination.

Preparation of elecampane decoction: you need to add a glass of cool hot water to a teaspoon of crushed elecampane root, put on a slow fire for about fifteen minutes, and then leave to infuse for four hours. Drink it should be several times a day for a tablespoon.

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