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Buckthorn, bark (1 kg)

120 грн. 100 грн.

Properties: buckthorn is a fairly tall tree with a dark brown bark and smooth trunk. Cherry leaves are oval. Small flowers are bunched. Presented plant blooms from May to July. It can be found along the shores of lakes in the Caucasus, in the eastern part of Russia, in Central Asia and Siberia. For medical purposes, mainly used medicinal buckthorn bark, which should be collected in early spring. The bark tastes bitter and odorless. For the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids, this plant is the best choice.

Buckthorn tincture: to prepare a tincture of buckthorn bark, the crushed raw materials of the plant should be filled with 30 percent alcohol. The ratio will be 1: 5. Before starting hemorrhoids treatment, it is necessary to withstand tincture for at least 10 days at room temperature.

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