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Lavender, flowers (1 kg)

600 грн.

Properties: lavender contains about 1.2 percent of the essential oil, which, in turn, contains tannins, linalool and its esters with acids, triterpene compounds and coumarins. Lavender stalks and leaves contain a small amount of essential oil that contains borneol and geraniol.

Essential oil derived from lavender is an excellent medicine. It is used in cosmetology, perfumery and many other industrial fields. The medicinal properties of the oil make it possible to get rid of bruises, bruises, burns, stems and leaves of lavender used in aromatherapy for bathing. In addition, lavender contains the so-called honey, which is an excellent medicine. Lavender flowers are dried and used to smell things and clothes, as well as to refresh rooms. In addition, flowers help fight moths when placed close to clothing.

The essential oils contained in lavender are a good sedative, relieve cramps and soothe pain, heal wounds, improve the functioning of the intestines and stomach, relieve worms and rheumatism, promote the excretion of fluids from the body through sweat or urine, are an antiseptic, etc. among other things, the plant helps to get rid of insects and parasites, and also helps with the bites of snakes or insects, including poisonous ones. Lavender herb helps to eliminate bile from the body, and oil, given its effectiveness in controlling microbes, is used for inhalation in diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.

Given the calming effect of lavender, it is used for neurasthenia, neurosis, insomnia, melancholy, skin rashes associated with nervous experiences, excessive fatigue, and also weakness together with lowered blood pressure. In addition, a plant such as lavender is an excellent indoor air freshener.

The wonderful effect that lavender has on the general mental and emotional state of a person and on his central nervous system as a whole is noted. Lavender helps to create a sense of calm and tranquility inside a person, thereby reducing the negative impact of adverse factors and stress, protecting the mind and mental state.

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