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Flax, oil (200 gr)

55 грн.

It is especially useful to use linseed oil for dressing fresh salads. It can be mixed with sour cream and other ingredients for the preparation of sauces. Flaxseed oil can be seasoned with any porridge, boiled potatoes, add to the first and second courses. It is very tasty and useful to mix linseed oil with cottage cheese and herbs. Nutritionists usually recommend flaxseed oil as the most easily absorbed and the most useful, normalizing fat metabolism. Flaxseed oil has a wound healing, anti-aging effect on the skin. It is used for burns, frostbite and radiation damage to the skin. Unsaturated fatty acids found in linseed oil. must be present in the diet of pregnant women for the correct formation of the brain of the unborn child and the normal course of childbirth. Flaxseed oil is useful for the development of the child's body.

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