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Hazel leaf (1kg)

105 грн.

Properties: Hazel leaves contain sucrose, essential oil and myricitrozil. The fruits of this plant are rich in vitamins, proteins and sugars, mineral salts and fats. Nuts have an immunostimulating effect. The fruits of hazel are useful for people with diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Nuts contribute to the production of milk in nursing women. Hazel is a laxative, so it is used for constipation. The plant has antipyretic and astringent properties. Hazel is used as a drug that dilates blood vessels. This medicinal plant dissolves kidney stones, stimulates all body functions.

Infusion of bark and leaves of hazel. To cook it, you need 20 grams of chopped leaves and bark pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leaving the medicine for 4 hours to infuse, filter. You need to take such an infusion of 50-60 ml no more than four times a day.

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