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Couch, grass (1 kg)

60 грн. 40 грн.

Properties: wheatgrass contains fatty oils, fructose, aveline, malic acid, mucus, levulose and vitamins. In the grass of this plant there are ascorbic acid and carotene. Due to this content of beneficial substances, wheatgrass has many medicinal properties. Wheat grass has a diuretic and analgesic effect, which is why it is used for dropsy, jade, cystitis and urolithiasis. An infusion of rhizomes of the plant helps to reduce pain in rheumatism, arthritis, gout and gallstone disease. Wheatgrass has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect, which is used for cough, pulmonary tuberculosis, gastritis, profuse sputum, bronchitis and liver diseases. Wheatgrass normalizes bowel function, and it is also an excellent remedy for constipation.

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