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Plantain leaf (1 kg)

190 грн.

Plantain is a part of natural extracts and essential oils, which are a combination of traditional and scientific medicine. Such a union provides the maximum effect from the treatment of bronchitis, skin lesions, dyspepsia, diarrhea and dysentery. One of the oldest plants is incredibly useful for systematic use. The unique herb has a sedative effect, helps with mild forms of neurosis, increased irritability and insomnia. Its hypotensive property prevents the appearance of edema, reduces the load on the heart and blood vessels, and helps to reduce pressure. The use of decoctions and syrups allows you to activate the work of the bronchi and excretory system, enhances the secretion of mucus in the bronchi, causing liquefaction of sputum. Traditional medicine makes extensive use of plantain. It is taken for bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer, anthrax and whooping cough. Drugs containing plantain are prescribed for women with inflammatory processes of the internal mucous membrane and muscle of the uterus, ovaries and with parametritis.

Studies have shown that grass is beneficial in infertility if it is caused by an ovarian dysfunction. Plantain treatment for uterine bleeding is also effective. Plantain is insisted for external use in case of problems associated with diseases of the oral cavity. Fresh grass in crushed form is applied to areas of the body with bruises, wounds, cuts. Broths treat chronic ulcers, relieve pain from burns. Lotions are suitable for removing boils, cleansing and disinfection of purulent wounds.

Recipe: taking 3 teaspoons of dried leaves in a glass of boiling water, they must be infused for 6-8 hours and take 1/3 cup half an hour before meals for gastritis, colitis and stomach ulcers.

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