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Chamomile, flowers (1 kg)

195 грн.

First of all, chamomile is useful during the treatment of colds. It can also be used when gas is formed in the intestine or with muscle cramps. This flower is undoubtedly useful for improving digestion. By stimulating the secretion of gastric juice through a mild effect on the digestive tract and intestinal mucosa, chamomile increases appetite. It is a good adsorbent, because thanks to its beneficial qualities it absorbs toxins and toxins. Experts also recommend chamomile for severe pain in the intestines, as it can reduce sensitivity and quickly relieve inflammation. Modern medicine uses the beneficial qualities of chamomile to help patients with gastritis (low acidity), diarrhea, flatulence, colitis and intestinal cramps. Thanks to this flower, the correct stimulation of the functions of the gallbladder and its ducts occurs. Its beneficial effect also affects the kidneys and the liver. In a word, chamomile helps everyone - be it problems with the endocrine system or with the upper respiratory tract.

Many medications for treating seizures or stopping blood are made from chamomile. However, you should not assume that chamomile is shown only to sick people - it also helps healthy people to sleep soundly and calmly. Each of us during certain periods of life experiences stress and nervous tension. Chamomile helps to calm down and relax, which also has a beneficial effect on our sleep. Please note that only pharmacy chamomile is used inside.

Chamomile is used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. A large number of cosmetic companies use the beneficial properties of this flower for the manufacture of creams specializing in sensitive skin. It is quite clear now why a good baby cream is also made on the basis of chamomile. We can also see it in the composition of toothpaste or soap, shower gel or shampoo.

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