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Mountain ash red, fruits (1 kg)

100 грн.

Properties: the presence of vitamin P puts mountain ash in one of the first places among other fruit plants. Its value is that it strengthens the nervous system, eliminates irritability, insomnia and general weakness of the body. Mountain ash ordinary in traditional medicine is used as a multivitamin, diuretic and hemostatic drug. In folk medicine, red rowan berries are used as a diuretic and choleretic agent, to reduce blood pressure, they successfully treat scurvy, and are used as a natural diaphoretic and laxative. Preparations from the fruits of mountain ash ordinary reduce the amount of fat in the liver and cholesterol in the blood, increase the resistance of blood vessels.

Infusion: 1 teaspoon of fruit pour 1 cup boiling water, leave to cool. Drink 0.5 cups 1-3 times a day, as a valuable multivitamin, for allergic and other skin diseases.

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