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Blackcurrant, leaf (1 kg)

140 грн.

Properties: the leaves and berries of this plant are used to effectively treat diseases of the liver, kidney stones and respiratory tract. With atherosclerosis, the use of berries is simply an indispensable tool. It should also be noted that currants magnificently increase the human immunity and its resistance to colds. Currant shrub leaves have a restorative and antiseptic properties due to tannins and biologically active substances, vitamins and essential oils. The leaves of this shrub contain more vitamin C than its berries, so they are used for gout, gastritis, and also for cardiovascular ailments. Traditional medicine strongly recommends the use of decoctions for eye diseases and various dermatitis.

Currant tincture: prepared raw materials must be packed tightly in a glass container and filled with vodka. It will take one day to insist. After filtering, the tincture is incredibly fragrant.

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