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Field Restharrow, root (1 kg)

200 грн.

Properties: the healing properties of steel have been known for many centuries. In ancient medical treatises, one can easily find a lot of references to the use of this plant in the treatment of kidney stones and bladder. In the old days, it was also prescribed for headaches, difficulty urinating, and for healing from many other diseases. After studying the chemical composition of the steel by modern science, the origin of its beneficial properties becomes clear. It contains a fair amount of tannins, citric acid, essential oil, isoflavone glycosides of nature, starches, resins, tetracyclic triterpine alcohol. It is these, as well as other useful components that determine the effectiveness of the stalnik in the treatment of various ailments, contributing to the normalization of certain processes within the body. Stalnik helps to reduce pressure, accelerates blood coagulation, increases the amplitude of heart contractions. More preparations from the plant have a hypotensive effect and reduce the permeability and fragility of capillaries. Many experts note the positive effect of this natural drug on the general well-being of a person.

Decoction from the roots: one tablespoon of steel rhizomes must be poured with 500 ml of boiling water, hold for ten minutes on low heat, then squeeze and strain. It is recommended to take the drug three times a day for half a glass.

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