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Actofood - taste of health, fiber (150 gr)

65 грн.

Ingredients: Jerusalem artichoke tubers, amaranth seeds, carrot fruits, alfalfa grass, milk thistle seeds, citrus fruits, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, apples; thallus kelp, grape, apple seed, sesame / sunflower seeds.

Application: a functional dietary product, a source of natural biotin, an actual natural remedy for preserving youth and beauty of the skin, hair strength, elasticity and strength of nails. Medicinal and food plants, which are part of the composition, provide the body with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals of "beauty", contribute to the improvement of the functions of the whole organism, reduce the risk of premature aging; regular internal intake is ideally combined with cosmetic procedures, enhances the effect of any cosmetic product.

Indications for use: it is recommended as a general strengthening agent, an additional source of bioavailable proteins, vitamins, minerals, biotin, as well as a diet for the following conditions and diseases: poor skin condition; to improve complexion; hair loss; to improve the condition and growth of hair; bowel disease prevention; chronic colitis; dysbiosis; to maintain bowel functionality, prevent constipation; as a means of complex therapy for diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems (atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders, hypothyroidism, endemic goiter); increased physical and psycho-emotional stress; to mobilize the body's defenses; for normal physical development of the body, support for vulnerable organs and systems; skin diseases (in complex therapy); Prevention of premature aging.

Method of application: 1-2 teaspoons of the product twice a day between meals, washed down with water or kefir. Treatment and prevention course of 8-12 weeks. Repeat if necessary. Reception of a herbal medicine does not cancel the appointment of a doctor.

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