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Astenpar, phytoconcentrate (50 ml)

45 грн.

Ingredients: grass of oat seed, hawthorn blood-red fruits, rose hips, chicory root, dandelion root, rhizome with Rhodiola rosea flowers, Echinacea purpurea flowers, Helichrysum flowers, ethyl alcohol, purified water.

Application: improves innervation and peripheral blood circulation of muscles, tissue oxygenation and lymph circulation, increases muscle endurance during physical exertion. Helps to eliminate the pathological focus of excitation in the brain that occurs as a result of Parkinson's disease.

Indications for use:

- Parkinson's disease

- Parkinson's syndrome

- myasthenia gravis and myopathy;

- complex treatment of atherosclerosis.

Method of preparation: take 5-20 cap. 2 tablespoons of water for 30hv.to food 3 times a day.

Contraindications: it is not recommended to use with individual sensitivity to components, pregnant and lactating women.

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