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Birch, buds (1 kg)

220 грн.

Properties: useful properties of birch buds are known not only in folk, but also in traditional medicine. Doctors prescribe this drug as a diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic and expectorant. Birch buds are also used due to diaphoretic, antitumor, wound healing, anthelmintic and hemostatic actions. In the modern world, birch buds are used for the manufacture of medicinal infusions, decoctions and medications for the treatment of a host of diseases.

In case of metabolic metabolism, this gift of nature is used to restore balance in the body. It is noted that overweight people lose weight after taking drugs based on birch buds. Due to the presence of flavonoids and vitamin PP, as well as saponins, metabolic processes in the body are normalized.

With hypovitaminosis - vitamin deficiency - birch buds are useful. Carotene, vitamins C and PP will become the body’s shield against spleen, irritability, weakness, drowsiness, and dry skin. It is these symptoms that become integral companions of vitamin deficiency.

With atherosclerosis - an age-related disease - take decoctions from birch buds. Thanks to flavonoids and saponins, cholesterol will not be deposited on the walls of blood vessels. It is cholesterol plaques that cause such dangerous diseases as stroke and heart attack. People who have crossed the fifty-year milestone are advised to drink a healthy decoction as a prophylactic of many diseases of the cardiovascular system.

With diseases of the urinary tract and with edema, it is birch buds that are very useful. Flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, the drug is successfully used for inflammation of the urinary tract. In addition, saponins have a pronounced diuretic effect, therefore, reduce swelling.

With stagnation of bile. This problem is especially familiar to those people who cannot resist fatty and heavy foods. Often, stagnation of bile becomes a problem for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Since there are substances such as saponins in birch buds, the drug is used as a choleretic.

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