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Poison hemlock, grass (1 kg)

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Handling the plant requires special care. In case of poisoning, they experience vomiting, diarrhea, spontaneous urination, convulsions. Before using a hemlock, you should consult your doctor. Plants infusion in very small doses is given orally during urinary retention and menstruation, anemia, epilepsy, severe pain in the stomach. Small doses increase heart function and increase blood pressure. Tincture is used to prevent cancer. Douching is done from a hemlock broth with inflammation of the ovaries, cervical erosion, fibroma.

For the manufacture and use of the drug tincture of a hemlock, the instruction is very simple. 5 grams of hemlock herb pour vodka (400 grams), insist for two weeks. When the tincture is ready, start taking it and do it incrementally. On the first day, take 5 drops, on the second - 6, then 7 and so on, adding one drop per day. Reception should be brought up to 35 drops per day, and then on the contrary, begin to decrease one drop and so gradually return to a dose of 5 drops per day. Take tincture once a day 40 minutes before meals, always diluting it with water. The proportion will be as follows: up to 13 drops must be diluted with half a glass of water, over 13 with a whole glass.

It should be remembered that hemlock still remains a healing poison, which means that if the dosage is incorrect, it can lead to dangerous intoxication of the body. Manufactured tinctures and decoctions should be stored only in glass containers, in a place protected from sunlight and out of the reach of children.

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