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Broccoli, biologically active liquid (100 ml)

89 грн.

Composition: intercellular and intracellular fluid from broccoli inflorescences.

Properties: a source of natural indole with pronounced antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor properties, a powerful chromium concentrator, a regulator of blood sugar levels; It helps to accelerate metabolism and weight correction, normalize hormonal levels, reduce the risk of developing hormone-dependent tumors and papillomavirus infections, and improve the quality of life during menopause.

Indications for use: it is recommended as a means of preventing tumor diseases and hormonal disorders, as well as a diet in the following conditions and diseases: hormone-dependent tumors of the breast, uterus, ovaries, prostate gland; uterine fibroids, fibromyoma; fibrocystic mastopathy; cervical dysplasia; menstrual irregularities; premenstrual syndrome; menopausal syndrome; late menopause; endometriosis; polycystic ovary syndrome; infertility; to reduce the risk of hormone replacement therapy; intoxication, including drug, alcohol, food; allergic diseases; impaired liver function (hepatitis, hepatosis); papillomavirus infection (papillomas, genital warts, respiratory papillomatosis) - papillomatosis of the organs of the female genital area; Prevention of premature aging.

Method of application: for adults, 7-15 drops - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 100-200 ml of water. Admission course: 8 to 12 weeks. Repeat after 2 to 3 weeks if necessary. Taking a herbal medicine does not cancel a doctor’s appointment.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components.

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