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Cephaloflora, fruits (1 kg)

1,000 грн.

Accelerated metabolism allows people to eat more and not to gain adipose tissue. And this is not to mention the general well-being of a person who, with a quick metabolism, feels healthy, cheerful and happy. It turned out that to achieve this is not so simple because of the conditions and lifestyle of a person. Fortunately, everything is easily solved with the help of one plant. In our country, it appeared recently, the homeland is Chile. The composition includes traditional vitamins and minerals, as well as a very large number of organic substances, which in other plants are completely absent. In addition to a positive effect on metabolism, it has a positive effect on blood vessels, strengthens, which avoids strokes. Only black nut can be compared with cephalophora, but it has its own peculiarities.

Method of preparation: it is enough in ordinary tea in the morning to add a very small amount, one gram is enough for 20 cups.

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