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Detox antiparasitic, biologically active liquid (100 ml)

100 грн.

Composition: intercellular and intracellular fluid from wormwood grass, elecampane root, tansy grass, birch leaf, green walnut, sowing carrots.

Properties: universal formula for the protection and prophylaxis of parasitic and helminthic infestations; exhibits antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory effects, increases the body's immunity and resistance to infections and invasions; Helps relieve the symptoms of helminth infections, such as headache, sleep disorders, hemoglobin drop, fatigue, stool disorders; it has a complex effect on the body with drug therapy for helminthiases, reduces the side effects of pharmaceuticals and the risk of invasions in areas of dangerous foci and exotic cuisine.

Indications for use: it is recommended as a general strengthening agent for the prevention of parasitic and helminthic infestations, as well as a diet for the following conditions and diseases: helminth infections (ascariasis, enterobiosis, and others), in complex treatment; invasion of protozoa (giardiasis, trichomoniasis), in complex treatment; fungal diseases, including candidiasis, in complex treatment; hidden forms of invasions, a high risk of their occurrence (dangerous foci of residence, a trip to exotic countries, exotic cuisine and others); programs of complex body cleansing; allergic dermatoses against the background of helminthic and parasitic infestations, in complex treatment; enuresis, including night on the background of helminthic invasions.

Method of application: for adults, 7-15 drops - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 100-200 ml of water. Admission course: 8 to 12 weeks. Repeat after 2 to 3 weeks if necessary. Reception of a herbal medicine does not cancel the appointment of a doctor.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components.

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