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Purple echinacea, root (50 gr)

32 грн.

Application: use to increase defenses in case of viral infections and inflammatory processes, allergies, impotence, as well as after chemotherapy and radiation. The high antiviral and antibacterial activity of echinacea drugs allows for effective therapy in the treatment of a number of infectious and viral diseases, including acute respiratory viral infections, cystitis, etc. Echinacea drugs can also be prescribed for prevention during the epidemic of influenza, smallpox, and others. Echinacea drugs have diuretics. properties that allows you to use them to combat edema of various origins. Tincture from the rhizome of Echinacea promotes the rapid removal of toxins, radionuclides and toxins from the body, while protecting liver and kidney cells.

Method of preparation: 1 tablespoon of crushed raw materials pour 1 cup (200 ml) boiling water. Take for adults 1/3 cup 30 minutes before meals.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, individual intolerance.

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