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Filipendula vulgaris, root (1 kg)

250 грн.

Properties: many phytopreparations can be prepared from meadowsweet: teas, tinctures, baths, decoctions, lotions, compresses, ointments. It is used internally and externally. Moreover, everything is used: leaves, flowers, bark, young shoots and roots. A small amount of glycerin is usually added to the tincture to help extract tannins. You can make a decoction of meadowsweet mixed with other herbs, such as angelica or willow, to treat arthritis. Applied externally in the form of compresses for arthritis, joint pain, for the treatment of neuralgia. Prepare a compress from the diluted tincture and apply to the area of ​​pain. As a means of washing the eyes, meadowsweet provides relief to patients suffering from conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. It is recommended to use chilled and filtered infusion.

Recipe for tea with meadowsweet: use a tablespoon or about 4-6 grams of grass per half liter of water. Steep boiling water for 5-15 minutes. If you insist for a long time, tea becomes more bitter.

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