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Blueberries, fruits (1 kg)

850 грн.

Blueberries are an excellent antiseptic and antibiotic by nature. When treating a cough or throat, blueberries are used, it helps thanks to its beneficial properties. The gastrointestinal tract will also be cured by the same blueberries. Interestingly, constipation is treated with fresh blueberries, and diarrhea is dried. The thing is that in blueberries there are substances that have disinfecting effects on the stomach. At the same time, the intestinal microflora improves, and putrefactive processes inside the intestine are prevented. Blueberries have an anti-inflammatory effect and are used for diseases of rheumatism, gall bladder, liver. Useful properties of blueberries can also manifest themselves in diseases of the genitourinary tract. In ancient times, healers advised blueberries to regulate the menstrual cycle. To date, blueberry-based drugs are struggling with diseases of the bladder and kidneys. With complications caused by diabetes, blueberries will also help you lower blood sugar and stabilize organs and glands. Like many wild berries, blueberries are also used in cosmetics designed to moisturize the skin and also have anti-inflammatory effects. A useful feature of blueberries is its ability to remove toxins (free radicals), which are directly related to the aging and destruction of the whole organism.

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