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Immunite, phytoconcentrate (50 ml)

45 грн.

Ingredients: oat grass, Ivan-tea grass, wild chicory root, rhizome with Rhodiola rosea root, licorice root, medicinal lemon balm fruit, blackcurrant fruits, cinnamon rose hips, rhizome with echinacea purpurea roots, ethyl alcohol, purified water.

Application: it has an immunostimulating effect on the human body, increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases, stimulates metabolic processes in organs and tissues, has a general strengthening effect, improves appetite.

Indications for use:

- strengthening of immunity.

- prevention of colds and infectious diseases

- complex treatment of diabetes.

- physical and nervous strain.

- chronic diseases of various etiologies (increases the body's resistance).

Method of preparation: take 5-10 drops as directed with two tablespoons of warm water 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes. before meals and a fourth time at night /

Contraindications: it is not recommended to take with individual sensitivity to components, pregnant and lactating women.

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