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Assorted honey candies in assortment (100 gr) Assorted honey candies in assortment (100 gr)

Composition:1. Honey + chili - 2 pcs.2. Honey + cinnamon - 2 pcs.3. Honey + mint - 2 pcs.4. Honey + ginger - 2 pcs.5. Honey + cocoa - 2 pcs.Method of use:1. Chew candy, wax, performing the function of eco-chewing gum, spit out. No more than 2 sweets can be consumed per day along with a wax coating, which has a useful function - a sorbent for the stomach.2. Bite off the candy, drink honey if the candy is not cooled or wait until the honey has melted and spit out the wax immediately.Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components...

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