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Equipment for growing medicinal plants

Device RP-1 for manual planting of seedlings

The RP-1 device increases the speed of planting seedlings, reduces energy expenditure...

900 грн.

Reaper PM1.7 for harvesting chamomile

The cleaner and more intact the flower, the better the quality of the raw material. That is why all options of harvesters are aimed at obtaining perfectly pure chamomile raw materials without extraneous impurities. Unfortunately, no one has yet succeeded in inventing a harvester design that meets all these conditions. However, the design of the PM1.7 harvester of our development allows you to get raw materials that are close to ideal in terms of quality.Parameters of the PM1.7 harvester:Name: trailed harvester of cleaning type RM 1.7Weight: 550 kg.Width of the working part: 1700 mm.Width in working condition: 4500 mm.Working speed: 5-6 km / h.Combing height: from 150 mm.Drive type: GDP 540 rpm.It is aggregated with tractors of traction classes 1.4 (YUMZ-6, MTZ-50, MTZ-80, MTZ-82)...

380,000 грн.

Scoop PC0.3 for collecting chamomile flowers

The scoop is made according to the model of the times of the USSR with a small modernization, which allows you to pick flowers without a stem with less effort. This increases labor productivity several times. Practical tests show that at a normal pace, one person can process up to 30 acres of chamomile crops free of weeds. It has also been proven by practical experience that the scoop can be successfully used when picking flowers, but the labor productivity is several times lower.Parameters of the PC0.3 scoop:Name: manual scoop for RS 0.3 for picking chamomile flowers.Weight: 2 kg.Working width: 300 mm.Cutting height: any...

1,850 грн.

Scoop ShС0.2 for collecting rose hips

With the help of the ShС0.2 scoop, the harvesting of rose hips is significantly accelerated.Parameters of the ShСC0.2 scoop:Name: manual scoop for ShS 0.2 for collecting rose hips.Weight: 1.5 kg.Grip width: 200 mm...

950 грн.