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Milk thistle, flour (1 kg)

140 грн.

Milk thistle has long been considered a panacea for liver diseases, gall bladder diseases. It contains a lot of useful trace elements and vitamins. With hepatitis, obesity of the liver, inflammation of the bile ducts, milk thistle tea is very effective. It is easy to cook at home. To do this, you need to brew a teaspoon of seeds 250 milliliters of boiling water, insist for half an hour, then strain and drink in hot small sips three times a day for half an hour before eating. Continue the treatment for 21 days, then you need to take a two-week break and drink tea again for 21 days. Alternate intake and interruption courses until liver test results improve. If you add a little peppermint leaves to tea, the effect of tea will increase markedly. Milk thistle tea is also very useful for varicose veins.

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