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Sugar-lowering syrup with sucralose, syrup (200 ml)

  • Brand: Sladella TM
  • Product Code: sucralozasirop
  • Availability: In Stock
129 грн.

Ingredients: extracts of goatberry, burdock root, bean leaves, blueberries, oats, elderberry, rosehip, citric and sorbic acid, sucralose.

Application: due to plant extracts that are part of the syrup, it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, diuretic, choleretic, diaphoretic, antipyretic, cardiotonic effects.

Method of preparation: 1 teaspoon per glass of boiled water. Take 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes. before meals. As a sweetener, you can add to drinks to taste.

Contraindications: with individual sensitivity to components, pregnancy, women during lactation, children under 5 years.

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