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Fructose, crystals (250 gr)

Application: as a sweetener in diabetic nutrition, in obesity, in diet food, as well as in the food industry for the manufacture of bakery products, juices, preserves, desserts, baby food, and dietary products. Fructose is well absorbed by the body, does not have a harmful effect on health, does not cause side effects, stabilizes blood sugar, has anticariogenic properties..

18 грн.

Stevioside tablets (100 g)

Application: diabetes mellitus, alimentary obesity, gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, arterial hypertension, periodontal disease, dermatitis, prevention of caries and colds, and many others.Method of preparation: the coefficient of sweetness of the tablets is 1: 125, one tablet of stevioside is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar (4.4 g)...

80 грн.

Sweetener with sucralose, tablets (100 g)

Application: it can be used to provide dietary nutrition for people with diabetes and diabetes, for overweight people...

105 грн.