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Valerian, root (100 gr)

38 грн.

Infusion of the roots is used for pneumonia, asthma. Infusion, tincture, powder, baths act as sleeping pills. They are well taken with fear, seizures of epilepsy, with severe mental disorders, migraines, menopausal disorders, with uterine cramps, impaired thyroid function. Children with nervous disorders, fear, epilepsy, in addition to tincture of valerian, are recommended baths from the decoction of the root. After taking a bath, the child does not need to be wiped. Wrap the body with a sheet, a diaper, or put pajamas on it, put it in a warm bed, cover it. Such soothing baths, only of high concentration, can be recommended for adults with insomnia of nervous origin. Baths are taken every other day. In folk medicine, valerian is widely used as a means of promoting the normalization of the digestive organs. It is recommended as an appetizing, improving digestion, choleretic agent for diseases of the liver, bile ducts and gall bladder, with flatulence, it relieves spasms; it dilates blood vessels, improves the secretion of the stomach and pancreas. Valerian is recommended for young children with pain in the abdomen, when gases are poorly released. Reception of valerian inside and in the form of enemas is recommended for worms and dysentery. Before taking valerian, you should consult your doctor.

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