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Dill, fruits (1 kg)

85 грн.

Properties: fruits and dill essential oil relieve cramps, lower blood pressure, have an expectorant, carminative, sedative, wound healing, diuretic and antihemorrhoidal effect. Fruits are used to improve appetite and with insomnia. Dill is useful for obesity, diabetes, salt deposition, to stimulate the separation of milk in nursing women, with allergic skin itching and pustular skin diseases. Dill seeds are used to prevent kidney disease. Lotions from infusion of dill seeds are a good remedy against acne and other inflammatory skin diseases.

Decoction: 1 tbsp. l herbs or seeds make 1.5 cups of boiling water, insist for an hour and take 1-2 tbsp. l 4–5 times a day

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